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  • Before downgrading Backup-as-a-Service, you must remove any protected machines in excess of your new target limit, as well as their disk safes, to ensure that your count of protected machines and your backup storage usage is not in excess of the downgraded values. Failure to do this can result in error(s) and or loss of data.
  • Upgrading or downgrading your Backup-as-a-Service plan may result in the settings (name, IP address, port #) of one of your protected machines being overwritten with the default placeholder values. Once your upgrade or downgrade is complete, log in to the backup manager control panel and make edits as needed to the affected machine.

Content Delivery Network

  • VOD Push content is not supported - VOD is Pull only.

Firewall Management (Virtual

  • When using the Firewall Management function for a virtual machine in any zone other than SMF1, clicking 'Save Default Firewall Rules' may result in the following error message:
    • (base) Federated network interface can't be updated.
  • In fact, the change will have taken effect in most cases, and upon waiting a minute or two and reloading the page, the new settings will be seen.

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