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When editing a monitor, you can add, edit and delete maintenance schedules, allowing you to pause monitoring during times of known unavailability for the target site.
  1. Click the Edit button for the monitor you wish to work with;
  2. Click Maintenance Schedule. Any existing maintenance schedules for the monitor will be listed.
  3. To add a new Maintenance Schedule:
    1. Click Add Maintenance Schedule;
    2. Set the starting date and time, and ending date and time, to define the maintenance window. You can use the date and time widgets to the right of each field, and/or type the values into the fields.
    3. You can optionally set a short on-screen message that explains the nature of the maintenance window;
    4. Click Add Maintenance Schedule to save and add the maintenance window to the monitor.
    5. While in the maintenance window, the status of your monitor will show as 'UP'. The Last Monitor will indicate the last date and time that the target was checked before the maintenance window started. This date and time will stay 'frozen' until the maintenance window is over (unless the maintenance window is manually deleted before it ends), at which time monitoring will resume and the Last Monitor will begin to update at regular intervals again.
    6. While in the maintenance window, the Status of your maintenance window will show as 'Pending'. Once the maintenance window has passed, the Status will change to 'Completed'.
  4. To modify a Maintenance Schedule:
    1. Click Edit for the schedule that you wish to work with;
    2. Modify any of the values as needed (start time, end time, message);
    3. Click Edit Maintenance Schedule to save your changes, or Go Back to cancel changes;
  5. To delete a maintenance schedule, click the Delete button for that schedule.

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