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  1. If you have not already done so, order CloudMonitor service (follow this guide);
  2. Go to your client area homepage;
  3. Find CloudMonitor service under "Your Active Products/Services" and click on it;
  4. On the "Manage" tab for the VDC, click Manage Monitors;
  5. On the My Monitors page, click the Add Monitor button;
  6. Select the Monitoring Type: (TCP) port, or keyword (keyword monitoring available with 'Pro' and 'Advanced' plans);
  7. Give your monitor a descriptive Monitor Name name (i.e. 'XYZ Co. Corporate Website');
  8. Choose your primary Monitoring Location - this the location that the system will always use first to check the 'up' state of your site (the check will be made from other locations if your primary location does not answer or reports a 'down' state)
  9. Enter the URL or IP of the site you wish to monitor (i.e. '', '', '22.333.44.55'). Do not include 'http(s)://' in URLs;
  10. Enter the TCP Port to be monitored/used to access the site. A variety of standard ports are included, and you can add custom ports to monitor if needed (see guide here);
  11. For keyword monitors: enter the Keyword that you are checking for. If the target page is Username and Password protected, you can supply those values as well;
  12. Select the monitoring Interval. The minimum value is determined by your plan; the maximum value is 60 minutes. NOTE:  Checking your site from multiple locations can take some time due to allowances being made for response timeouts from your site. Avoid very short intervals (i.e. one minute) except when using checks such as ping, which respond quickly.
  13. Click Save Changes to add the new monitor. Note that the status of a new monitor will read 'Down' even if the target site is up until the first monitoring cycle is run.

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