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In addition to monitoring your servers for uptime and keywords, CloudMonitor can also run regular blacklist checks against more than 40 of the most popular blacklists to see if your server has become listed.
  1. To add a Blacklist Monitor:
    1. Go to My Monitors, then click Add Blacklist Monitor;
    2. Enter a descriptive Name for the monitor (i.e. 'XYZ Co. mail server');
    3. Enter the Hostname or IP of the site you wish to monitor (i.e. '', '22.333.44.55'). Do not include 'http(s)://' in Hostnames;
    4. Select the monitoring Interval for the blacklist check;
    5. Click Save Changes to add the new Blacklist Monitor, or Go Back to cancel saving the new Monitor. The Last Monitor value will update once the initial blacklist scan has completed.
  2. To view stats for a blacklist monitor, click Stats. If the server is not on any blacklists, an empty list will be displayed. Otherwise, active blacklist listings will appear, including details of the listing and removal URLs. Click Go Back to return to My Monitors.
  3. To edit settings for a Blacklist Monitor, click Edit. The Monitor Name, Hostname / IP, and Interval values can be changed for the monitor. Click Save Changes to update the monitor with the new settings, or Go Back to abandon changes.
  4. To disable a Blacklist Monitor, click Edit, then click Disable Monitor to make the monitor inactive while retaining all other settings and data;
  5. To remove a Blacklist Monitor, click Edit, click Delete to remove the monitor and all of its data;
  6. To set up a maintenance window for a Blacklist Monitor, click Edit, then click Maintenance Schedule to work with maintenance schedules for this monitor (see this guide).

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