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If you have maxed out usage of any of your R1Soft Backup Service resources and wish to add more, it's easy to do so:
  1. Click Home to go to your client area if needed, then click on R1Soft Backup Service under "Your Active Products / Services". You can also click the Services Panel near the top of the page to get your full list of current services, if there are more than will fit in the on-page list;
  2. On the left sidebar, under Actions, click on Upgrade/Downgrade Options;
  3. On the screen that loads, set the new total amount of each type of resource that you want for your R1Soft Backup Service, leaving the value unchanged for any resources that you do not need to adjust. Note that you cannot reduce any resource value below the required minimum, and if you set a value lower than what is currently in use for that resource, the excess resources will be forcefully removed with your next billing cycle. Click to Continue when done;
  4. A summary of your order with the current amount due will be displayed. Depending on when you are placing your upgrade order, this amount will be pro-rated. Use the back button on your browser if you wish to make changes. Otherwise, choose your Payment Method from the available methods, then click Click to Continue;
  5. Enter your payment details and click Submit Payment to process your upgrade. A confirmation of your order will be displayed. Return the management area for BaaS and you will see the upgrade(s) to your total resources displayed under Configurable Options.

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